Our Clinicians

Dr. MarthaLee Walden


Dr. Walden is a board-certified Psychiatrist who has been practicing in the tri-state area for 18 years. She attended Wellesley College where she obtained her BA in Molecular Biology. She went on to obtain her MD from The University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1989. Dr. Walden completed her Internship and Residency programs at the prestigious Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry. in 1993.

Dr. Walden provides both medication management and individual psychodynamic/supportive psychotherapy. She believes that the two go hand in hand to heal the whole person. She is also able to collaborate with therapists who treat the patients for whom she provides medication management. Dr. Walden values her family, her three dogs and tries to live the balanced, healthy life she hopes to help her patients achieve.


Denise Heyob,  APRN, PMHNP, BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Denise Heyob is a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and a graduate of Northern Kentucky University. She has served the mental health population in various roles as caregiver, educator and leader for more than 18 years. She attended University of Cincinnati where she obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2010. She then obtained her Masters Degree in Nursing Education. Ms. Heyob has enjoyed working as a professor for Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Gateway Technical and Community college in Northern Kentucky. Her students, and peers consider her to a great mentor and teacher ushering in new generations of nurses. Ms. Heyob’s philosophy in caring for her patients focuses on restorative healing from whatever wounds might be uncovered. Ms. Heyob believes the mind, body and soul are all interconnected, each affecting the other. Maintaining a balance with her clients through individualized care planning, psychotherapy and medication management for optimal holistic health. We welcome Ms. Heyob to Ascend Behavioral Health.